Business Restructuring

Solutions And Resources For Business Restructuring

Businesses are still in the process of restructuring as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cut costs and increase efficiency and productivity with streamlined services and innovative IT solutions.

We can help you save money and tighten security.

Restructuring? Call for an audit of your current IT systems

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Managed and Co-Managed IT, Cloud Solutions, VoIP

How You Can Quickly Reduce Expenditures and Increase Efficiency

  • Implement a cost-effective, work-from-anywhere phone and communications system
  • Leverage a virtual infrastructure for maximum efficiency and security
  • Reduce office space
  • Outsource some of your IT or support your overwhelmed IT department with co-managed services

These are just a few of the immediate ways you can save up to 80% on your current IT expenses. Book a free consultation and discover the best options for you.

Cut Costs

Reduce costs with a full, all-included communications system more...

Phone (VoIP)

Designed to adapt and scale, web-based softphone, video conferencing, mobile platform, unbeatable price.

Restructuring IT

Cut your IT budget by up to 50% with co-managed IT more...

Co-Managed IT

Outsource with co-managed IT, downsize IT dept, gain 24/7 support, technological expertise, up-to-date with latest threats.

Aging Hardware?

Leverage a virtual desktop infrastructure to extend the lifespan of aging computers more...

Leverage Cloud Services

Convert older desktops running unsupported Windows systems to a virtual desktop solution.

Revisit Office Space

Take advantage of remote and shared work spaces to reduce office more...

Remote Workstations

Downsize office space and alternate use of remote and shared, in-office workstations.

These are challenging times for businesses. We can help.

“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Remote Workstations and Network Security

Flexible work environments are a must for today’s successful businesses. The immediate concern is network security for remote workstations .

Cloud Solutions

We have ideal solutions for remote work environments.

  • Accessible with any device and from any location
  • Comprehensive security
  • Optimized for Microsoft 365 applications

Stay competitive in a global marketplace with cloud solutions.

Barry E., Vice President of Business Operations. Barry works for a large company providing credit card processing services to businesses. He discusses the need for immediate remote workstations and the solution that East Atlantic Security provided.

Cyberattack and Remote Workstations

Why do remote workstations pose a high risk to your corporate network? Get our free guide: “8 Security Threats for Remote Workstations” and find out.

Image of East Atlantic Security's free report, "8 Security Threats for Remote Workstations"

Cyberattack. There’s a lot at risk. Your company. Your clients. Your reputation.

Remote workstations require specific security and work-from-home protocols. Be aware that most home networks are not secured.

Cyber-criminals are well aware of this and are infiltrating company networks through unsecured home workstations at increasing rates.

We care about your security and know that money is tight. We’ve put together a free business guide that covers some of the most vulnerable areas and how you can tighten the security of your own network.

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