Remote Working

Remote Working and Network Security

Remote working poses unique risks to the corporate network. Be sure your remote workstations are properly secured and protected from cyber attacks. Cybercriminals are extremely active in this space and business owners are learning this too late. We have resources to help you.

Businesses large and small are finding ways to reduce office expenses by utilizing shared in-office work spaces and at-home workstations.

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There's a Lot at Risk

One cyberattack can wipe out your company. Your clients. Your reputation.

Remote working requires specific security and work-from-anywhere protocols. Be aware that most home networks are not secured.

We care about your security and know that money is tight. We’ve put together a free business guide, “8 Security Threats for Remote Workstations,” that covers some of the most vulnerable areas. This guide will help you tighten security now.

East Atlantic Security's free report, "8 Security Threats for Remote Workstations"

Why does remote working pose a high risk to corporate networks?

Personal devices used for work

Company VPN’s insecurely used at home

Weak firewalls and outdated software

Increased phishing attacks

Cyberattacks are on the rise and cyber-criminals are on track for a banner year. Phishing attacks alone have increased 600% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and are responsible for more than 90% of reported data breaches.

Remote working increases the risk to corporate network security, as cyber criminals continually try to break in.

As of July, 2020, 16 billion records have been exposed, up roughly 400% from the same period in 2019

The majority of home networks are not secured. Cyber-criminals are well aware of this and are infiltrating company networks at alarming rates. 

The Cyber Savvy Cafe Podcast

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Ssn 1 Ep 8: Remote Workstations–Closing the Open Door   

Remote workstations are here to stay, but lax home network security is putting corporate networks at risk. Here are some steps to help secure your network and close the doors to a cyber breach.

Get your copy of the free guide mentioned in the show, “8 Security Threats for Remote Workstations: How You Can Mitigate Your Risk.”

Cyber Awareness Training and Support

Cyber awareness training and support is a vital element in securing remote workstations: user protocols, company policies, phishing simulations and ongoing support

Why is cyber awareness training so critical?

Your team is the gatekeeper to your network

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Phishing attacks account for more than 90% of reported data breaches.

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30% of phishing emails get opened by the intended user.

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More than 3 billion phishing emails are sent every day.

Phishing attacks, insecure passwords, and unsafe user protocols can open a back door straight into your network. Cyber awareness training and staff support play a critical role in network security, especially where remote workstations are involved.

East Atlantic Security keeps your staff up-to-date with current threats through extensive, ongoing cyber awareness training, phishing simulations, and supplemental training.

There is no advanced warning of a cyberattack

Take time now to secure your remote workstations and close the backdoor to your network.