Cloud Services

Work-from-Anywhere and Solutions for Aging Hardware

While the cloud may seem mysterious to some, simply put, it is nothing more than your network extended online. 

If you’re using email, you’re probably already using the Cloud.

Navigate and leverage the cloud with ease. Convert desktops running unsupported Windows systems to a virtual desktop solution and extend the lifespan of older computers. Excellent solution for mobile teams, with work-from-anywhere capabilities. You are no longer dependent on having access to an up-to-date device to connect to your tightly secured network.

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Why the Cloud?

If  we’ve learned anything in this past year, it’s that business models must be flexible and ready to pivot in an instant. This is especially important for your IT systems.

Cloud services ensure that your technology can readily adapt to changing work environments, empowering your teams to work efficiently and productively with easier transitions and less downtime.

Host your business applications in the cloud

Reduce expenses and save money

Reduce office needs and floor space

Upgrade your technology infrastructure

Extend the lifespan of aging hardware


The cloud allows your people, and even your suppliers to collaborate using your business’s Internet and intranet. more...
Doing business instantly becomes far more efficient when your teams are able to share, edit, comment on and publish documents in one unified system.


You’ll be able to improve internal and external communications. more...
Do more with your email platform, give your marketing efforts far more scope, and enhance the processes and procedures that you use every day to run your business


Say goodbye to purchasing overly expensive infrastructure every few years with a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. more...
Transitioning your business to the cloud means that the physical aspects of your IT, including management and maintenance, are delivered through the Internet.

Cloud Solutions and Today's Work Environment

Flexible work environments are a must for today’s successful businesses. The immediate concern is network security for remote workstations .

We have ideal solutions for remote work environments. Accessible with any device and from any location, cloud solutions provide comprehensive security to the corporate network and is optimized for Microsoft 365 applications.

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Barry E., Vice President of Business Operations. Barry works for a large company providing credit card processing services to businesses. He discusses the need for immediate remote workstations and the solution that East Atlantic Security provided.

Cloud Services

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Access your applications anywhere, anytime, and from nearly any device

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Less expensive technology, add huge value to your company

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